About Us

Kakazi Foundation was started in August of 2019. It was founded by a group of five young women’s rights advocates faced with a dilemma of their dear friend who was dealing with extreme domestic violence in her relationship. They realized the dire need to empower young women and hence founded Kakazi foundation- an organization working towards women empowerment and enhancing human rights in Uganda.

Our Theory of change.


* Encourage and promote sexual and reproductive health rights.
*Promote mental health Awareness.


* Care and support abused, neglected and most at risk.
* Offer self-defence training.


* Offer life and vocational skills training.
* Offer etiquette training.
* Promote self esteem.
* Influence policies that affect the collective at National level.

Get to know the founders

Blessing Bakashaba

Founder – CEO

Samantha Byakutaga

Founder – CEO

Pamela Byakutaga

Founder – CEO

Precious Byakutaga

Founder – CEO

Sheeba Sima

Founder – CEO

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